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  • Member: DTBKing
  • Title: Fade Into My Dreams
  • Premiered: 2010-07-25
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    • Sevendust Suffocate
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  • Comments: Basically its a fantasy fight/illusion.

    The plot is pretty spelled out by the beginning and end, but to clarify, it isn't the generic inner hollow story. Its basically an illusion that was inspired by eps 124-125 where he has flash backs to previous battles because he regretted defeating them. in this scenario they haunt him directly through his nightmares rather than passively through his inner hollow.

    The actually base of the battle itself is a cross over between his battles with byakuya, grimmjow and renji.

    I feel it came out looking rather unique form most of my previous work. please all criticism and opinions are welcome.

    Thanks and enjoy

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