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  • Member: Phantasmagoriat
  • Title: I Spy...
  • Premiered: 2010-07-31
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    • Carl LaFong Trio Let There Be Drums
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  • Comments: ...something Black and White.

    Announcement Thread:


    This is just a little experiment.
    See if you can spot all 30 "Easter Eggs" while watching:
    I spy with my little eye...

    01. something shiny and red
    02. something Brown
    03. something unidentified
    04. something tasty
    05. something carved in stone
    06. a trap
    07. a hairy typer
    08. something Italian
    09. one awsm hairdo
    10. something Alchemic
    11. something made of Iron
    12. a ROFL
    13. something that protects your eyes
    14. something Popular
    15. something Serious
    16. something with two wheels
    17. something Super
    18. something that goes *pew! pew!*
    19. something that has facial hair
    20. something that makes you Scream
    21. something from FLCL
    22. a board game gone wrong
    23. something yellow
    24. someone getting pwned
    25. something that Transforms
    26. something not for children
    27. something that will be back
    28. something that's been defaced
    29. a playing mantis

    and lastly:
    30. something Black and White

    Check the Announcement Thread above for answers.
    Oh, and yes, this was unleashed on a few unsuspecting con audiences to see how they would react. If you were one of those people, I'd like to hear from you :)

    use CCCP for playback.



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