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  • Member: FarmXD
  • Studio: Farm Studios
  • Title: Rakkuen
  • Premiered: 2010-07-23
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  • Song:
    • eaststrikewest The arquitect
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    Live. With balance, there's life. What happens if the balance is
    broken? Without balance, comes conflicts. With conflicts, comes
    war. With war, comes power, With power, opression and with
    opression, rebellions starts. Then, the only that survives is
    the stronger. But where's love in war? Where are our dreams?
    It's the paradise for those who lives for living just an illusion?
    Where's love? Where's our paradise?

    Thanks to Shinnie04 for post the name of this great band!
    I didn't understand the lyrics, and i didn't find them on the web
    so it's made just by feeling...

    And yes, i know an editor called Kiba updated a Wolf's Rain
    video called "Rakuen" to the Japan Expo 2010 ;__;
    But just coincidence!!

    Why "RaKKuen" and not "RaKuen"???
    Well, it's a bad jokke abbout thhe namme of thhe albbum
    of thhe bannd thhat itt's called "Wolvves".



    -I forgot to put a videogame scene in source information but
    that could be a spoiler. I used Higashi no Eden too for some sky stuff and that...

    -Subtitles says: (Forgot to make the english version too u)

    There's no place with that name...
    There's nothing at the end of the world...
    No matter where i go, the road stays always the same...
    Still, why do i wish to go on?"


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