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  • Member: LopezAMV
  • Title: Distant Dreams
  • Premiered: 2010-04-22
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    • All Time Low Painting Flowers
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    Now where to start....
    I started working on this amv a while back and had very high expectations for it, but I soon realized that editing to Digimon was harder than it looked. Most effects looked awful and would only end up making everything mediocre-like so I decided to cut effects to a minimum. The editing is simple and there's slight references to a plot but with that aside it's just an ordinary video with nothing special to it. The timing, as you're probably gonna notice, is off in some parts and the flow is a bit unstable...and so on. But with all that said I still like this video, mainly because it reminds me of how great digimon was back in the day. I remember getting lost in thought every time I saw the show and it fueled my imagination, in a sense, making me the mentally disturbed person I am today :D
    Hope you like it, even if you don't leave some feedback.

    Note: I actually finished this amv back in April but I've been too reluctant to post it here, since I'm not the most tech-savvy person when it comes to effectively using the org or the forums. The download file is set to 704x396 because that's the original aspect ratio for most of my sources...if anyone wants an 848x480 file posted then I'll have it up and running promptly.

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