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  • Member: irriadin
  • Title: Skin
  • Premiered: 2010-07-30
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    • Machinae Supremacy Skin
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  • Comments: * Otakon 2010 - Action Finalist
    * Dragon*Con 2010 - 3rd Place in Action
    * AnimeNEXT 2011 - AMV Contest (Finalist)

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    This is my first AMV, and it took a long while to get to it this point, but I am proud of it, in the end. Because of the nature of the song, I approached my video with a very definite structure in mind... two parts. The first part would be more dramatic in nature and timed slower to match the pace of the song. The second half would be a balls-to-the-wall action piece.

    Picking such a song for my first AMV presented a considerable challenge, and I'll freely admit I struggled to find my bearings in the first half. I must have spent a month and a half scrapping and reworking it until I got it to the point it's at now. The first version of part 1 was truly dreadful and almost made me lose hope in my ability to get this video done competently. Six versions later I decided that it was good enough for me to press on to part 2.

    There was a lapse of time between parts 1 and 2 where I tried to refocus my creative energies to the entirely different feel of the second half of the song "Skin." I really wanted the first verse of part 2 to blow the viewer's minds, particularly since I feel the dramatic SHIFT is the greatest strength of the song itself, and I wanted the video to reflect that feeling back at the viewer. ANYWAY, I found part 2 far easier to work with than part 1, and feel it came out very well indeed.

    The inspiration for this video simply came from Claymore itself; I've attempted to paint a broader picture of what I believe encompasses the story of Claymore. It's not just about death and vengeance; it's also a depiction of single-minded obsession and self-destruction wrought by loss of innocence.

    Now despite all those lofty principles in mind, I also just wanted to make an AWSM Claymore vid, so I hope you enjoy it!

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