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  • Member: )v(ajin Koji
  • Title: Into The Mind Of God
  • Premiered: 2003-05-25
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  • Song:
    • Linkin Park Easier To Run
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  • Comments: An akira music video.

    This came out exactly as i wanted.

    Its about Tetsuo all ways running away at the beggining of the vid but as it goes on he would rather fight, even though it would be "Eaiser To Run".

    I think it conveys Tetsuo very well and I must warn you that there is perhaps one spoiler in this although i'm not sure if it is one.

    There was no intentional lip syncing: it may look like I attempted a sync but trust me it just synced itself so don't worry about it.

    The last 30secs or so especially make me feel so happy and excited because they are so like I wanted them to be.

    I especially love what is shown with the line "Pretending" you just wait for it, it's near the end.

    By the way a sequel will be out early next year at latest.

    That's All Guys.

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