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  • Member: Taite
  • Title: Opaque
  • Premiered: 2010-07-00
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    • Puppies Turpentine
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  • Comments: Second full amv and counting.

    This was also my submission to AVCon. I'm not surprised it didn't win, but It's cool knowing it actually played there, even though I didn't get to see it.

    The idea of this amv was to make it so that even if you haven't seen the anime, you could understand the story.
    The story is that of the anime's. It follows four characters involved in a love.... square.

    Here's the story, which I hope you don't have to read:

    Shinichiro Nakagami, an avid artist, is in love with Hiromi Yuasa. However, Hiromi is currently dating Jun Isurugi. She's not happy, but continues to stay with him.
    But one day, Shinichiro meets Noe Isurugi. His thoughts are then consumed with the weird, yet oddly appealing girl.
    Shinichiro seems to be moving on from his unrequited love, but Hiromi keeps coming back to him. One day she is about to move away, but Shinichiro can't let her go. He chases her and convinces her to stay.
    Still, though, he continues to see Noe, because he's developed feelings for her. Both girls he has feelings for.
    He spends a lot of time with each, and it seems that he falls deeper in love with both. But scandalous things occur. Suddenly Jun makes a move on Noe, and Hiromi appears to be in love with Shinichiro as well. Noe is still in love with Shinichiro, but it seems that after thinking much about it, he can't let go of Hiromi. In the end, he chooses her, leaving Noe alone with her sexy brother. ):
    /sad tiemz

    I can totally see why this is one of the lesser-known series out there. I thought it sucked.

    There are a few things here and there that I wish I had changed, but in the end I just wanted to move on from the project. I don't like it as much as I first did, but I hope that you, the viewer, can find some kind of enjoyment in it.
    Thanks for watching!

    Special thanks to Darklydone for helping me encode this bitch :O He taught me a lot of stuff I didn't know about zarx, and helped me with what I needed to do to improve quality (including telling me about Media Player Classic, which I will forever use.)
    Look forward to better quality vids from me thanks to Darklydone :P

    And let me know how the quality looks. If your eyes are bleeding severely from watching this, then first off, I apologize, and secondly, I will do my best to make another better-quality file. I might be over-exaggerating right now, but it's probably my biggest concern.

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