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  • Member: Cenit
  • Studio: 360 Degrees Fluorescent
  • Title: Cyrillic Redux
  • Premiered: 2010-05-22
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    • МакSим Пам-парам
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    So what about this. It all started with Douggie's NO EXCUSES! MEP. For the 48 frames i got, i tried to make more out of my rotoscoping and found a way, that was in my opinion quiet stylisch and served the track, so ofcourse uncreativ as i am i wanted to use it again. I did that with my Hot Coffee 2009 Track Railroad Tycoon Redux and won the contest, so the next idea was - how about a full length non-hentai amv using this effects. And thats where reality ends and we get stupid. By picking both the wrong anime and song i created something that was in my mind working very well but in reality didn't. Don't try to punch me in the face for this - i've done that enough already. After realising there is nothing more to add to this amv, since it's both overedited and lost, i will end it on this stage to focus on new projects. I never put this much work into an amv with such a poor result, and i never will again. It's embarassing to say that after i loved editing this one, but this reminds me on the story of blabbler's betamax cascade - one day this might pay off. I learned a lot through editing this - about my skill as well as about the audience, so my future amvs will go a whole new direction.

    I started in january right after my last exams and got the main story finished within 2 weeks. After that i was trying to generate some original effects. You see what i did thar - not that impressive. I completely rethought my methodes of editing to finally improve a bit and by that found a way that might be helpful in the future but fuck that i'm drifting away. After editing was all about rotoscoping and After Effects and Particle Illusion for over 2 month shit really sucked and i nearly lost all my intrest in editing (but i didn't). After the premiere at AnimeCon2010 with a quiet poor result (as expected) i reworked it slightly for JapanExpo11 and after that let the project down. I really think there is no point in releasing it at all but since it's uploaded at the AMV France site and i won't get any feedback from there, i have to upload it here. BTW let me know what you think about it, will you? :3

    So i planned to send it for Acen but failed due to fucking exams again. You can't belive how pissed i was about that but since JCD didn't send anything as well it was fine. Cyrillic Redux premiered at AnimeCon 2010 just like Renegade: VERSUS one year before, and also made it into the finals of Japan Expo 11, where it got 8th of exclusives and 17th overall (yes Stephan i'm thinking the same thing right now and yes i'm still smiling when remembering you didn't make it since your entry was clearly the better one). It also got 2nd at the Connichi 2010 "Free" AMV Contest.

    8th at Anime 2010 (ACON)
    17th at Japan Expo 2010
    2nd & Best Effects at Connichi 2010 Expo (Free For All)
    Best Dance at AWA16 Expo

    About the name. It was clear in the beginning, that Redux had to be part of the name since it sounds nicely and is my synonym for this kind of effekt editing. Cyrillic was the inofficial name while editing since i can't read the Song's name cause it's ... guess what ... written with cyrillic letters. Also Cyrillic Redux speaks similar to Renegade: VERSUS so thats the background of the name. I'm not trying to offend our russian friends by using their words out of context and belive me i really liked that song while editing.

    Also you might see this as my attempt to jump on the russian bandwagon, that rolled over the VCA's 2010 :P

    - Sony Vegas 7.0b
    - Adobe After Effects CS4
    - Particle Illusion 3.0.4
    - DVD-Decrypter
    - DGIndex
    - VirtualDubMod
    - Avisynth
    - Zarx264GUI

    Special Thanks to:
    Shui (for providing me with the lossless WAV files)
    JCD (for some last minute betaing)
    Zest (for some last minute betaing)
    The Motrix (for hosting the direct-download-file)

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