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  • Member: EvaFan
  • Studio: AMP
  • Title: Kenshin's Salvation
  • Premiered: 2010-07-06
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    • Rise Against Roadside
    • Rise Against Savior
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    Just wanted to portray the side of Kenshin some people may not notice/accept/understand. Most people I'd wager only saw him fighting for atonement or wanting to die because of it. I wanted to show the side of him that was bitterly self-righteous to the point of becoming that which he hated. Salvation doesn't have to come from god, it can come from someone who simply cares. The story in the AMV is the same but emphasis on the parts that I thought correlated with my idea.

    Ran into a few quality problems on the sources getting them mixed and matched for size and color, sadly some of those quality flaws are noticeable in the video when you full-screen.

    Special Thanks:

    Cross/fade (Beta Testing) Lots of help seriously thanks alot bro for the ideas/etc.

    WC Annihilus (Beta Testing) Helped tweak alot of things and feedback.

    Kionon (Translation) I'm sorry, I won't lie. I nearly forgot you helped me till after I had rendered it. Totally forgot to add you to credits on video. I apologize.

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