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  • Member: AxelTerizaki
  • Title: Derniere Danse
  • Premiered: 2010-07-03
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    • Kyo Dernière Danse
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  • Comments: This is a new version of my 2003 version of this AMV.

    I did not replace it for a good reason: because it just shows my improvement in trying to master this anime and pair of characters. I hope this will be still okay with the site owners, since I redid it in HD and added new scenes found in the latest Mahoromatic OVAs.

    Here is a (rough) translation in english of the lyrics, for those who don't understand french

    "I ran through her body for so long
    Brushed a hundred times against her face
    Found gold
    and even some stars when wiping her tears.

    I learnt by heart the purity of her curves
    sometimes I draw them again
    she's a part of me.

    *I just want a last dance
    Before darkness and indifference
    A dizzy spell then silence
    I just want a last dance.

    I met her too soon
    but it's not my fault
    The arrow went through my skin
    It's a pain to keep
    that heals more than it hurts
    But I know the story
    It's already too late.
    In her eyes
    you can see
    that she prepares herself
    for the long journey

    repeat *

    I could die tomorrow
    That wouldn't change anything.
    I received from her hands
    The happyness anchored in my soul
    It's even too much for a single man
    I saw her leave without saying anything
    She just had to breathe
    Thanks for enchanting my life.

    (repeat random lines)"

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