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  • Member: gotegenks
  • Studio: Invictus
  • Title: Put The Past Away [Dedicated to Code]
  • Premiered: 2010-07-03
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    • Third Eye Blind Jumper
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  • Comments: This guy's the nicest 0rg member there is. I give people a lot of crap for giving nothing but compliments, but Code does it with style, he backs up assertions and he's intelligent about it (even though i don't always agree with him). I've never seen him say really mean things about a video, or anything meanhearted period, but maybe that's cause i haven't known him a long time ^^;
    He was the first comment that i got on the 0rg and it really inspired me. J had me thinking that i would go on there and they would tear me to shreds but Code proved him wrong quick and that really inspired me to continue.
    Glad i got to give him a dedication for this round (because i would never have done it otherwise :P)

    so thanks Code~

    [ ]

    I do believe I've spoiled every major event in this anime INCLUDING the epic final battle, so if you were planning on watching this anime, GO WATCH IT BEFORE WATCHING THIS VIDEO, and if you weren't planning on watching this anime YOU'RE RETARDED. GO WATCH IT AND THEN WATCH THIS VIDEO.

    So anyway, another 3 day video for Project NeoEditor Competition (round 2)
    The challenge this round was we were paired up and we had to make our partner a tribute video. Code (the coordinator) gave us all a form to fill out and give to our partner. My partner dropped out so Code decided that i would give him a tribute, which worked out just fine!

    His conditions were :
    What are you wanting in your tribute: Something light and upbeat. Something that can give people a feeling liek somebody is downtrodden, but overcomes adversity and finds beauty in life.
    What are things you'd hate to see in your tribute: I hate action videos and mindless random action. I really like a nice story and great/loveable characters.
    Preferred Genre of Editing/Anime/Music: Anything, and I mean anything, is fair game.

    I finished the first draft of this in a day, and it wasn't till i was finished that i realized i was taking a few risks
    1. Code hated this anime xD
    2. There's a lot of action in it.
    3. It's somewhat of a deep song (lyric-wise anyway)

    But i couldn't be bothered to start a brand new video, so i just continued with this one and just worked to portray the story of TTGL

    If you haven't seen the show, and you're still going to watch this video (like the stubborn spoiler-loving retard that you are) then you might not like it as much as if you had seen the show because i focused mainly on telling the story, or at least Simon's part of it, and some of the scenes might not make sense if you haven't seen it.

    I know that Simon was never admittedly suicidal or anything, but i felt like this song fit the tone of Kamina and Simon's relationship a lot (at least the English Dub. Kamina's American VA sounds a lot more like the TEB vocalist).

    Also, i beat my own record of 3 minutes in one day, as i finished about 4 minutes and 5 seconds of this video on the first day. Somebody shoot me.
    Jumper - Third Eye Blind

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