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  • Member: )v(ajin Koji
  • Title: Sorry Romeo
  • Premiered: 2003-05-19
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    • Romeo Must Die soundtrack Romeo Must Die Trailer (Long Version)
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  • Comments: This is a parody of the "Romeo Must Die" with "Gundam Wing:Endless Waltz" clips.

    This came out surprisingly like I had it in my mind but I just could not stop fiddling with it so I just stopped and made "Long Haired Heroes V2" instead because that was so much more fun.

    Each of the GW:ES characters represents a character from Romeo must die, with Zechs as DMX!

    Hey thought i'd ramble on a little bit more in this thing cuz people seem to like this vid.

    To make this video i watched through both the OAV and movie versions and decided on using the Movie. As i watched i sort of built up a picture of the music video and it came out pretty simialar to "My Vision".

    In the trailer's audio there were various explosions and out SFs that i had to include and they came out quite well.

    I made about 54 or so clips each at a minimum of 5 mins was murder, I wanted to include a clip from each but ended up using only about 36 of them...I really do NOT wanna make this again I just want to watch it.

    Certain parts are comedic, e.g. Zechs/Reelena's voices.

    I would have written that this was my first trailer earlier but, well, I didn't.

    I would REALLY appreciate some opinions on this Trailer, you know how I could have made it better, what you like about it etc...


    That's All Guys.

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