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  • Studio: Phoenix Team
  • Title: Bloody Romance
  • Premiered: 2010-06-28
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    • Sonata Arctica Full Moon
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  • Comments: Hello, hello hello ... humhum ... ahah ...

    Ok let's go, it's my new amv (of course ...), and it's my better vid' ... I think ... I hope ... It's not important, right ?
    In this vid', I would create a romance between a vampire and a human woman. No, I don't watch True Blood or Vampire Diary's, it's just the story of the anime ... I know, I am a low but the story is not an importante thing for me, therefore I assume my incompetence in this point !

    Ok, the story is the story of the anime : a woman, a vampire, a hunters, a chase, a castle, a love story, a monster, a fights ... etc etc etc. It's very fun, no ?
    I have changed my montage in this amv (I suppose ... I suppose). It's the first time that I use color's filters, rebuild the scenes, I put more effects for a one thing ... but I have discovered a tricks during the montage. I am finish ... ok re let's go !!!

    PS : I haven't been selected in the finalist's list, therefore, I post my clip.

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