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  • Member: Mastamind
  • Title: When You Were Young
  • Premiered: 2007-11-28
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    • The Killers When You Were Young
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  • Comments: Well, this is actually both my first video project and my first AMV.

    I started this sometime in 2007, and it took me about a month to complete it. All the editing was done in Windows Movie Maker, and with that program being notoriously unstable I lost the project file several times. The reason the video quality is so horrible is that whenever the project crashed and refused to open, I was left with a low-quality export I'd done shortly before. That and the fact that I used footage I recorded with some screen capturing program from a video streaming site, plus I had zero technical know-how at the time.
    About a month after I was finished with the video, I went back and corrected it a bit but that version was forever lost. I just noticed the original file today on my hard drive, so I went ahead and filtered it a bit, and created a not-so-horrible quality file I could upload. I left all the editing alone, and although I see some obvious faults now that I have more experience, I didn't bother going back to correct it.

    Don't expect something big, I had a lot of fun making this as my introduction to video editing. Hopefully, though, you can still enjoy it =)

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