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  • Member: VivifxAMV
  • Studio: Re-Evolution Studios
  • Title: [Re-Evo] An AMV about TV
  • Premiered: 2010-06-20
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    • Scouting for Girls Famous
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    This is my Otakon 2010 Submission -- It won Second Place in Comedy

    So I got this idea a week or so ago, I was desperately looking for a great idea for an Otakon Video -- And as I keapt telling Reu -- I needed inspiration to hit me over the head. AND IT DID in the form of this Scouting for Girls Song. I had just downloaded the album -- there is a whole convoluted reasoning chain that leads back to Reu, so reu is the source of this Inspiration (Although I'm beginning to suspect that Reu is at the source of everything)

    But Enough of being creepy. I thought to myself, now Who would be fit to tell this story? Well it's a little well known fact that I am totally obsessed with Kyon -- Seriously love him to death -- I know so haruhi-esk right? Anyway If any character would hate being famous the most, I think it would be Kyon, but with haruhi out of the way...Who knows what kyon would do? So that's how this idea was born.

    I have been dying to make a Creative AMV. One of my Fav AMVs is Takeout by Driftroot. That amv is so creative and tells an epic story. If you haven't seen it CHECK. IT. OUT. I also love all of its little hidden messages. So that is what I strove for in this AMV.

    So after I decided that this AMV basically edited itself. There were some harried moments of searching for TV clips, and of course the search for the Perfect James Dean . But I Think it came out alright. There are mistakes. There are logos. But I think it looks fine and Im done with it.

    There are also so many little hidden things in the AMV -- Messages, Inside Jokes, Subplots, Confessions from the Heart. You know all that. Good Luck finding them

    Everyone who beta'd for me -- (Your names are at the end) I couldn't have made this without you. You guys always help so much in AMV Making.

    PS: Who could that be at the end of the AMV?

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