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  • Members: Kratza, Radman
  • Studio: Sunrise Studios
  • Title: Dance into the Fire
  • Premiered: 2010-06-22
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  • Song:
    • Duran Duran A View to a Kill
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  • Comments: Following the wrap-up of my and Radman's TWEWY (The World Ends With You) AMV titled "The World Ends Without You" in late April/early May of '09, I was already looking ahead to start the next project of my recently-revived AMV hobby...

    And this project would turn out to focus on a series I hadn't even seen at the time.

    Dating back to 2007, an OVA/TV series called Area 88 was on my list of anime to watch because it was a trusted recommendation from a Film School buddy I've kept in contact with by means of a message board he moderates. On these forums, we share opinions on films and TV shows we like/dislike, and our anime viewings are no stranger to the topics of conversation (in fact, facilitating the sharing of anime recommendations was basically *the reason* why the forum was created).

    So in late May '09, I took advantage of a sale and bought the whole Area 88 TV series (13-episodes) + OVA for $25 + shipping. I watched it that summer, and while Area 88 was good (and I love anime with aviation as a set-piece), I wouldn't say it became one of my favorites. Still, I felt strongly about making this my next project, and the underlying motivation was to present an Area 88 AMV to my friend as a surprise gift (since he was so fond of the series).

    Preceding all of this, I had taken an interest in the "Best James Bond Theme Song(s)" due to a thread on another forum I frequent. From that discussion, I concluded that I liked Duran Duran's "A View to a Kill" and a-Ha's "The Living Daylights" the most, with Chris Cornell's "You Know My Name" placing high on the list as well. With the sounds of Bond Theme Songs fresh in my memory, I quickly connected "A View to a Kill" with the characters and story of Area 88 once I decided to create an AMV to this series, and that's how the song was picked.

    This AMV was made over a span of time from late June '09 to early May '10 .The goal was to construct something that could condense the drama, conflict, and narrative of the show into a package that would do justice to Area 88 in its entirety, with the assumption that most viewers would probably not seek out the series/OVA even after seeing the AMV. I know this approach is selling some members of my potential audience short, as the AMV is full of spoilers that ruin the mystery, but it was, after all, made for my friend (who has seen both the OVA and TV series).

    But I hope there are other Area 88 fans out there who may enjoy it, too.

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