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  • Member: Brakus
  • Title: Gunsmith Cat City
  • Premiered: 2010-07-30
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    • SHOGUN Bad City (Readymade 524 mix)
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  • Comments: "This video has been in my mind off and on over the years. With the Otakon 2010 deadline looming large, it got me to make this video so that I'd have something new to show."

    Yeah, that's what I'd said shortly before Otakon about this video. All of a sudden, this video wins 2nd Place in the Action category! Shocking to me, I'm sure.

    I really did have this idea for this video for many years. Again, only recently did I really put pen to paper and sketch out what I wanted for this video, and finally finished the timeline in time for me to export a contest-ready entry for Otakon. Apparently this video seems to endear a lot of folks with the classic '90s OVA and an irresistibly catchy remix of a 1978 Japanese live-action crime drama. Really, the Gunsmith Cats OP reminded me so much of "Bad City", and I wanted to make a video out of it. To my genuine surprise, it's done very well at conventions and other places I've had it shown at. Thanks for your support!

    Sadly, the Gunsmith Cats DVDs are out of print, and Section 23 let its license on it expire. Still, it's a great short anime, along with its spiritual sequel, Riding Bean, available from AnimEigo. Well worth checking out.

    The song is a remix of "Bad City" by Readymade 524, which appeared on the original 5-key Beatmania series (6th Mix) years ago. They are famous for their remix of the 1972 Lupin III theme song, used in Big Big Truck's "Failed Experiments" AMV.

    Again, enjoy this fun little romp.

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