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  • Member: ngsilver
  • Studio: Chaotic Bad Raptor
  • Title: Admiration
  • Premiered: 2010-06-23
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    • Butterfly Explosion Crash... See You on the Other Side
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    This video is the full directors cut of my video that I made for Round 2 of the DZ Iron Chef Tourny. Sadly I lost that match to Silk_SK due to his tight editing vs my long and not so tight editing. To say I went into the match working on the video like I would my own videos, starting at the end, moving to the beginning, and then working on the middle. Too bad I didn't have enough time to pull the final 2 mins in the middle out of my ass. So I lost. Oh well.

    I knew I was on to a really cool idea for a video. At first I was a little annoyed. The video source I had was Ippo so I was expecting to make an action packed fighting video. So Joey comes on MSN and hands me the song. I load it up, noticing the 7:22 time on the video, and gave the song a listen. Right away I'm thinking I'm screwed. This song was NOT made for an action video. Even the faster parts are not all that hard hitting, and Ippo demands hard hitting. Come on, it's a BOXING anime!!! But after a little bit listening to the song and getting to know the mood it was putting me in I kind of came around. I envisioned a story of admiration, defeat, and ultimately vengeance. Pulling somewhat from the original story of the Datte arc I decided I wanted to pit the story as Ippo looking up to Datte, goes to watch his fight, to only see him get utterly put down, then afterward Datte passes the torch.

    Yes, I do realize this is a long video by most standards. I can expect people to tell me that I should have ended the video at around 5 mins because that is where the song basically ends. The problem with ending there is that the true ending of the story cannot be seen. After all, this is a story/mood piece, so above all the story and mood has to be put first. Like any good story, there needs to be some closure after the climax. To put it bluntly, the climax is at 4:50 when Datte takes the final blow, and what follows is the rest of the plot, finishing with Ippo taking the torch passed to him and resolving to take up Datte's mantle and win. In the end you should be left with a lighter feeling then if I had just ended the video with Datte going down. Plus, this leaves me open to follow this video up with a 'sequel' if you will.

    Oh, and a short note about the subtitles. The fansub I have for this show translates what Datte says to be, "Passing the torch" while he clearly says baton. I know that some people may say that in essence he is 'passing the torch' which of course is why I discussed it above. However, I feel that the proper translation is baton. You see, passing the baton is a sports term, you pass the baton on to the next person in your relay race. So what Datte is really saying is that he is passing the baton he was holding in the race for Japanese boxers to take the world title on to Ippo. In essence, Datte is telling Ippo that he is the next in line, while at the same time telling him not to give up now that the man he was chasing can no longer keep his back to him. Grant it, if you have never seen the series I suppose this doesn't matter as much to you, but I hope I portrayed the story well enough that you could understand.

    When I was working on this video I wasn't going for lyric sync. A good part of the video idea came before I even knew the lyrics. Due to the newness of the band there isn't very many sites that have lyrics for many songs by the band let alone this one, so I just tried to wing it based on what I thought I heard and the general mood of the song. However, in some stroke of luck I feel I actually made a very good visual representation of the poetic nature of the lyrics, being that they can be interpreted in many ways, not just literal. The reason I say this is while browsing youtube for a music video for this song I came across the lyrics and gave the song a few passes while I paid attention to the lyrics. I think I hit it on the mark. Though I'll leave it up to you to decide if you think I did or not.

    Here are the lyrics:

    Lost in your frame
    and we don't seem real.
    Where are you?
    Just wave away,
    my sweet pale love.

    Raise your veil over the eyes that you hide,
    a delicate tear falls, glisten from a star
    upon i wish, yeah.
    Nothingness is all, tremble curling heart,
    that's what i miss, yeah.

    I can't let go, I can't let go!
    I can't let go, I can't let go!
    I don't need to know now,
    I don't need to know 'cause you're never far,
    because you're never far!
    Eyes that told me so much,
    he's as words are woven.
    It'll never stop, how did it ever start?


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