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  • Member: Hagaren Viper
  • Studio: Hagaren Studios
  • Title: [Disney MEP] - Two Worlds
  • Premiered: 2010-06-19
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  • Song:
    • Phil Collins Two Worlds
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  • Comments: I have been wanting to start a Disney MEP for a while now, but was never quite able to decide what could be the best way to run it, and honestly, didnt have the time to run it anyway.

    So when Code posted his idea for the MEP, I was all over it like a Kid on Symmetry.

    Despite wanting to make this combo ever since I thought of a Disney MEP, I didnt really have much of it planned out, so I spent a lot of time reviewing eps and scene searching. For something I didnt have planned, the response has been really good so far, and Im very glad people are enjoying it!

    Please be sure to watch the full MEP as well!

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