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  • Members (17): CodeZTM, AllyKatAVR, Amo-Chan, Angelyco, Ayushima, Hagaren Viper, Jwalk0, Kazemon15, Kireblue, Kitsuner, Kyssifur, Midnyte, Minimoto, Nygmatech Enterprises, Rider4Z, competitionbros, princess myu
  • Studio: Invictus Studio
  • Title: The Wonderful World of AMV
  • Premiered: 2010-06-18
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Aaron Lohr After Today
    • Bill Lee Cruella De Ville
    • Billy Joel Why should I worry
    • Brad Kane One Jump Ahead
    • Bruce Adler Arabian Nights
    • Christina Aguilera Reflection
    • David Ogden Stiers / Jim Cummings / Judy Kuhn / Savages
    • Disney Disney Studios Intro
    • Disney When You Wish Upon a Star [Instrumental]
    • Elton John Circle of Life
    • Jodi Benson Part Of Your World ( Little Mermaid Soundtrack)
    • John Rzeznik I'm Still Here
    • Judy Kuhn Colors Of The Wind
    • Kate Hackett Love
    • Keith David My Friends on the Other Side
    • Little Texas Kiss The Girl
    • Mary Costa/Bill Shirley Once Upon a Dream - Sleeping Beauty Soundtrack
    • Paige O'Hara / Robby Benson Something There
    • Phil Collins Two Worlds
    • Randy Newman You've Got a Friend in Me
    • Tawatha Agee, Lillias White, LaChanze, Roz Ryan, Cheryl Freeman, Vanéese Y. Thomas Zero to Hero
    • The Sherman Treatment That's What Friends are For
    • Verna Felton Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo
  • Anime:
  • Comments:

    "One of my favorite genres of flim and some of the world's most classic and recognizable tunes come from the realm of Disney.

    Therefore, I've wanted FOR YEARS to put together this project. However, there was another Disney MEP when I first joined up, so I was wanting to wait several yeras before trying it again. And with the new developments in the AMV "industry", I think we can make a high quality work here, and I think there is enough people around here that actually enjoy disney to get this off the ground. "

    From that premise arose the Disney MEP. :D

    I have had the pleasure with working alongside some of this site's most fantastic editors. Both on and off the timeline. :D

    I thank all of them for helping me accomplish my dream of this MEP.

    Username: AmoChan
    Anime: Toward the Terra
    Song/Song Artist: Once Upon a Dream/Bill Shirley and Mary Costa
    Disney Film: Sleeping Beauty

    Username: Code
    Anime: Fruits Basket
    Song/Song Artist: Something There
    Disney Film: Beauty and the Beast

    Username: Rider4Z
    Anime: Ponyo
    Song/Song Artist: Part of Your World: Jodi Benson
    Disney Film: The Little Mermaid

    Username: Kazemon15
    Anime: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
    Song/Song Artist: Still Here: John Rzeznik
    Disney Film: Treasure Planet

    Username: Hagaren Viper
    Anime: Digimon Adventure
    Song/Song Artist: "Two Worlds" by Phil Collins
    Disney Film: Tarzan

    Username: Angelyco
    Anime: Ladies vs. Butlers!
    Song/Song Artist: "Reflection" by Christina Aguilera
    Disney Film: Mulan

    Username: Midnyte
    Anime: Origin ~ Spirits of the past
    Song/Song Artist: "Circle of Life" by Elton John (or Disney Channel "Circle of Stars" from Platinum Edition LK)
    Disney Film: The Lion King

    Username: Kyssifur
    Anime: Hatsukoi Limited
    Song/Song Artist: Kiss the Girl by Little Texas
    Disney Film: The Little Mermaid

    Username: AllyKatAVR
    Anime: Damekko Doubutsu
    Song/Song Artist: After Today
    Disney Film: A Goofy Movie

    Username: Nygmatech Enterprises
    Anime: Heroman
    Song/Song Artist: Zero to Hero
    Disney Film: Hercules

    Username: Kireblue
    Anime: Zatch Bell
    Song/Song Artist: You've got a friend in me/ Randy Newman
    Disney Film: Toy Story

    Username: Kazemon15
    Anime: Princess Mononoke
    Song/Song Artist: Colors of the Wind: Judy Kuhn
    Disney Film: Pocahontas

    Username: Code
    Anime: Durarara!
    Song/Song Artist: Why Should I Worry / Billy Joel
    Disney Film: Oliver and Company

    Username: Jwalk0
    Anime: Excel Saga
    Song/Song Artist: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious/Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, J. Pat O'Malley
    Disney Film: Mary Poppins

    Username: Amo-Chan
    Anime: Full Metal Alchemist
    Song/Song Artist: Arabian Nights
    Disney Film:Aladdin

    Username: Angelyco
    Anime: Arakawa Under The Bridge
    Song/Song Artist: Cruella De Vil / Bill Lee
    Disney Film: 101 Dalmations

    Username: Kireblue
    Anime: Code Geass R1
    Song/Song Artist: Savages / Pocahontas (chorus)
    Disney Film: Pocahontas

    Username: Competitionbros
    Anime: Soul Eater
    Song/Song Artist: Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo/ The Fairy Godmother
    Disney Film: Cinderella

    Username: princess myu
    Anime: sailor moon
    Song/Song Artist: love goes on from robin hood

    User: Ayushima
    Anime: Princess Tutu
    Song: My friends on the other side
    Disney Movie: The Princess and the Frog

    Username: Kitsuner
    Anime: Mahou Sensei Negima!~Mou Hitotsu no Sekai
    Song/Song Artist: That's What Friends Are For (The Vulture Song)
    Disney Film: The Jungle Book

    User: Minimoto
    Anime: Mononoke Hime
    Song: One Jump Ahead by Brad Kane
    Disney Movie: Aladdin

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