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  • Member: DieeDee12
  • Title: Have you ever been in love?
  • Premiered: 2010-05-11
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    • Bere Gratis Nebun
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  • Comments: I made this AMV specifically for Otaku Festival 2010 AMV contest in Romania, and it was one of the finalists - I managed to get 6th place. Sankyuuu, judges!!!
    Next time, I'll be better, I promise^^

    The music is in Romanian, so I'm going to provide here a rough translation:

    Bere Gratis - Nebun ( Free Beer - Mad/Crazy)

    I. Luck left me
    I don't remember quite well
    Just where it hid from me
    Since I've been chasing after you
    From dawn till dusk
    I'm right behind you (*stalker*XD)
    And when night comes, at the window
    I fall asleep with you in my mind

    I try to tel you, but I don't know how
    In front of you I'm like a madman/crazy
    I stutter, I blush and run away
    When I look at you, I want to believe
    That I won't lose your eyes...ever...

    II. To hold you in my arms
    I wish you were so close to me
    To kiss you on the breast
    Each and every night



    III. I try to put on a cool act
    But I can't find the courage
    To tell you that I love you
    And you don't give me the chance to...


    There you have itXD

    I'd like to thank my classmates form college, who helped me write the little notes in the beginning of the AMV:
    Arihara Ayumi - Irina Istrate
    Kei Enemoto - Barbulescu Raluca (my sister)
    Nao Chikura - Aida Sova
    Misaki Yamamoto - Doriana Lupescu
    Etsu Kusuda - Barbulescu Diana (me)
    Hiroyuki Sogabe - Radu Mircea
    Misao Zaitsu - Andreea Rusescu
    Mamori Zaitsu - Nadia Awdha

    I had a lot of fun editing this, even though I was working in a hurry to meet the deadline.
    I wrote the notes in middle:P The editing is pretty clean, effects-free. Not really happy with the transitions, but the anime sets a wonderful atmosphere that kinda saves me from my misery:))
    Well, I hope you enjoy this and give it a chance even if most of you won't understand the language.^^

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