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  • Member: DieeDee12
  • Title: Fidelity (our girl)
  • Premiered: 2010-02-28
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    • Danu Boian My girl
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  • Comments: I made this AMV as a grab vid for New Generation Studios.
    I've always wanted to make a harem vid for La Corda D'oro, but I've only been given the chance after listening to this songXD Shall I tell you this vid's story?

    So, this guy called Danu Boian subscribed to me on youtube, and curious as I am, I went to check out his channel and I discovered this song, that he had entered for a competition called Eurovision in Moldova. Unfortunately for him, there were some issues and he didn't make it into the finalists, but the song is really good so I told him I'd make an AMV, and with the official OKAY from him, here it is^^.
    Danu's channel:

    There is one more person that inspired me, and that is Kryssa's flute from She writes extraordinary stories with La Corda D'Oro, which are well inspired, incredibly well-written (so good they're tangible) and so in-character you wouldn't believe it.
    Actually, the title is also the title of one of her fanfics.
    You should definitely check her out if you're a LCD fan:

    Also, some of my thoughts on this:

    For the editing's pretty raw except for the choruses, a little beat sync and a little lip sync here and there, transitions (love them) and a few sparkles (tried my best to hold back). I'm hoping that I didn't do any major mistakes in this one:P
    Hino Kahoko is...well...I don't like the way she keeps playing with them, that's why I made this AMV to show how much pain they've been through because of her. What I hate about la Corda D'Oro is that these guys will actually feel like they're the worst men on Earth if they even think about themselves for a minute. They're being played by her to this extent :((
    She's like a bloody Mary Sue, no offense.

    This is dedicated to all La Corda D'oro fans out there, and since it's Martisor already, do remember: even if your are courted by many boys, you must choose one, even it it means to lose the others. Listen to your heart and make the right choice! Boys deserve to be cherished and respected for what they are. Don't be like Hino!

    P.S.: Kiriya Etou (the last guy) is mine!!!! so back off - I kick and I bite and I'm sugar-high^^

    P.P.S: This AMV participated at the following competitions but didn't make it into the finalists:

    Otaku Festival Romania 2010
    AnimeNEXT (New York/New Jersey)
    Anime Evolution 2010 (University of British Columbia)
    Otakon 2010

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