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  • Members (6): gotegenks, Drageer, Joodlie, Xesi, iPengwin, scalst3r
  • Studio: IDK Studios
  • Title: [IDK] Downfall [IC//MEP]
  • Premiered: 2010-06-06
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  • Song:
    • Trust Company Downfall
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  • Comments: I really think this is a revolutionary way to IC. It's super non-competitive for those of you that bitch about editors being competitive, but it still puts pressure on you to edit because you have to finish your part in the set amount of time (which is easier than it sounds really).

    Instead of pressure to beat the other person, it's pressure to not let your friends down.

    And of course there can always be an aspect of friendly competition.
    I always like to designate an MVP for these things so without further ado, i give you the MVP of the IDK DOWNFALL IC MEP


    He started out the MEP with a bang and the first "bang" he's ever edited to boot!
    We're all very proud of him for not sucking major ass~

    Here were the sources and parts

    Xesi - FF7ACC - BEGIN - 0:38
    iPengwin007 - Eureka 7 - 0:39 - 1:10
    Scalst3r - Hellsing - 1:11 - 1:42
    Joodlie - Animatrix - 1:43 - 2:16
    Drageer - FLCL - 2:17 - 2:37
    Gotegenks - .hack//gu - 2:38 - END


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