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  • Member: gotegenks
  • Studio: Invictus
  • Title: Naota's Song
  • Premiered: 2010-06-02
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  • Song:
    • Blink 182 Adam's Song
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  • Comments: Stop hating people even if they broke your heart. Suicide isn't the answer, but you shouldn't ignore the fact that you're having those thoughts. Embrace them, embrace the sadness and MOVE ON.

    Or at least make a video encouraging others to.
    DANG! It's such a huge bummer to edit a song that you think is positive, and midway through find out it's about suicide.

    A remake of an old WMM video i did almost 3 years ago.
    [ ]
    for those of you who are interested.
    Basically in the video, Haruko represents death/suicide/sadness all that jizz (so when he's in scenes with her, he's still "alone" fyi) Mamimi is just a girl he loved, that broke his heart somehow, not quite sure so we'll leave that up to you.
    Hope you enjoy, this was quite a quickie believe it or not, i finished the whole thing on Friday night and Saturday, and since then I've been tweaking it and adding it and so-forth.

    I was going for a variety of things with different parts so i guess i was just going for change, which oddly enough goes with the theme, wouldnchu say?

    Anyway, didn't start out as a personal edit, and it still isn't THAT personal but it's a little personal i suppose. And i say that at the risk of you thinking I'm suicidal (false)

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