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  • Member: AyumiNeko
  • Studio: Endless Life Studios
  • Title: Fragments Of Remorse
  • Premiered: 2010-06-02
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  • Song:
    • 55 Escape Angels & Demons
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    I had urge to make action video. So I did. And I was done in a week. It's just a short video to let my inspiration out.
    Yes, it's flashy.

    I heard song in amv by Bryan aka magicflier called Melancholy Memory. I really liked his video and I fell in love with the song. But once I downloaded full version... it kinda didn't sound AS WELL as before to me. So I made a one minute cut which contains only choruses, just like Bryan did (of course it is a different song cut as his... but not too much).

    Video is centered around Yomi's and Kagura's relationship.

    This is a quick MINI-amv, that's why it's short.

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