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  • Member: StarTrinity009
  • Title: Shakespearian Comic
  • Premiered: 2010-04-30
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    • Prince I Would Die 4 U
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  • Comments: Ah Prince. lol. After working from 6:00 pm to 3:17 am of May the 1st's early morn, I had an odd combo...the 80's and Shakespeare. Ironically, if you really listen, it works. I came up with the idea one night, as I surfed the many Encore movie channels. I stumbled upon the last 10 or 15 min. of "Purple Rain" and somehow (my mind is still a wonder) I linked it to Romeo x Juliet. It was probably because I had just recently finished the series. This video is a little bit different for me. I attempted to make more of a crowd pleaser by making the vid more upbeat. My serious style still shows through most of the time though, so "Shakespearian Comic" ends up being both serious and upbeat, as well as heartwarming/heartswelling. *rubs head* If my vid is not heartswelling, it's not mine.

    Anyway, enjoy and watch the series if you have the time. It's high level anime. :) Gonzo + Funimation again (my favorite)!!! And in case you don't notice, I used a lot of purple in this amv. I did because of it's inspiration, "Purple Rain," and because of the fact that whenever I think of Prince I always color identify him with purple.
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    Animazement 2010 AMV Contest - Official Selection (Viewable in Overflow)
    Ichibancon 2011 AMV Contest - Best in Show

    *Also, this is the first video on to make use of the song "I Would Die 4 U" by Prince. Haha. Got to love originality!*

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