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  • Member: )v(ajin Koji
  • Title: Long Haired Heroes V2: Just A Bit Off The Sides
  • Premiered: 2003-05-18
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    • Ben Folds Five Battle Of Who Could Care Less
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  • Comments: This is my second version (V2) of "Long Haired Heroes" elegantly named: "Just A Bit Off The Sides.

    I remade the original version for this reason.
    1) i thought it had so much potential and could be made have been made soooo much better.

    The lip sync is better and so is the quality but higher RAM will play it better (I have 64MB RAM and it's alright) there are some timing that were not in the original for example bulma pulls of Mirai no Trunks's hair in time with a cymbal and other funny little in time pieces.

    In my opinion it's much better than the original.

    That's All Guys.

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