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  • Member: Mally
  • Title: Should I leave this string hanging on the end or should i tighten it
  • Premiered: 2010-05-30
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    • Crush 40 Never turn back
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  • Comments: Well it started as a fan blah edit for the ongoing 13 ep anime Angel beats . But i got really into it . And then it turned really personal .
    There is lots of mistakes what i really could not be bothered to correct as i got too emotional .
    If you are that bitter to care then just GTFO .

    But seriously this anime is deep . Latest ep = Episode 9 well at this current time and date.

    And this amv sorta has a lil story which goes aside the anime .
    Which is the question and thoughts which go past all our heads time to time . Yes Afterlife and how our life will be ended one day . That may be by accident or an heroic young death . Or however .
    But we always strive to achieve something . If we dont have that one thing then our existance is questioned . Which is also shown in this anime . As a gang of students try to wipe out an 'Angel' Figure who is trying to do right . But their eyes are clouded from what her true intension is .

    But what i see the Angel beats battlefield to be . Is Pergertory . If you think about .
    In between life and death . Where one cannot die .

    But you know im going a bit too deep into this topic .
    Its interesting stuff for those who care .
    But blah ...

    Enjoy if you can .

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