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  • Title: Sword of Schizophrenia
  • Premiered: 2003-05-17
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    • Linkin Park Don't Stay
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  • Comments: "18 hours, six minutes. It felt Longer. Sweat dribbled down my arms. But It was done! God save me, it was done! And it was damn good, too."

    TECHNICAL ASPECTS: Well, what to explain first. They'll be a lot of explaining in this area. Hmm. Let's start it how I usually do. There's three radial blurs. 2 spins, and one zoom. There's one artificial zoom, and some speed changes in various clips. There's a ton of supposedly tight timing, and a lot of Directional blurs(one of my favorites!). There's not too many transparencies, but theres enough fades. There's also two manually color balanced scenes. Now, I guess to the explaining part...
    It starts off with the first two radial blurs, and then gets somewhat fast-paced. However, some cues are missed, and that may annoy some people. What I was trying to accomplish here was that schizophrenia is slow at first, you don't notice what is happening. Therefore, skips of cues. In the middle, I tried to do somethign for every single beat, symbol, and whatever else odd noise, because that's the most chaotic part. Then, it starts missing a few cues again, because it's beginning to subside. Byt he end, you've got Kenshin fighting, which is fast paced, but the only thing keeping the beat up is the Directional blurs. That, too, may annoy some people.
    I made this video in what I call "layers". I finished the first "layer" first, that is, everything I wanted on the first video track. So all the 'main' stuff, I suppose. The only thing I worked on that wasn't in the first video track but is considered the first 'layer', are fades from something in the first layer to black, or black to something in the first layer, or from one clip to another clip, both of those in the first layer. It seems confusing, but it isn't.
    From that point, I worked on the second layer, which was basically everything that went in the second video track. This video got to three layers, but was more like 2 and an eighth. >.>
    Anyhow, a lot of effort was put in this because Premiere tended to lag a lot. So, all the timing was guess work in Premiere. I couldn't rely on the timeline or previews because, for some reason, it played back in its own little world, unaware that it was probably skipping three seconds of the song (but not footage) every few seconds. Therefore, after I did my guesswork cues, fast cuts, and whatever else, I'd export that section and check it. The checking part took hours, because I wanted everything to be right. So after I checked it, I'd see was was wrong or right, and try and fix it on the timeline. Hard work with a dying program. -.- -whipes sweat off face.- But it was all worth it...

    STORY ASPECTS: What I was trying to establish here was that Kenshin is Schizophrenic. Well, actually, it's more like Multiple personalities. I would have named this "The sword of MPS"(Multiple personality syndrome) but that didn't sound right. And not using the acronym just made the name so freaking long. The first idea I had for the title was "Reverse Psychology Sword" a parody on the reverse blade sword. I abandoned that for the "Sword of Schizophrenia". This is kind of like a sequel(or even prequel) to "The Sword of Paranoia"(Believe me, I didn't think of the clash of names while I was anming this).
    It starts out with Kenshin opening his eye, and then he gets a flashback of his old ways. You're entering Kenshin's mind, here. Once the two radial blurs are played, you're in Kenshin's mind, and chaos begins. In the first layer(I explained layers above) you have the battousai, and on the second, you have the battousai, and the Seito Hajime covered in blood. Unlike the format everything else is in, this is supposed to resemble a flashback, all the blood is supposed to sicken you/Kenshin. Then you have the sword chink. I purposely stop the scene there, and turn it red.("He has a large wound in his chest area, yet every time he swings his sword, he goes back ot his former self", to quote the english dub.)
    "Sometimes I need to remember just to breathe." There you have the only scene that I bothered to lip sync(correctly). We're back to the normal Kenshin, because, well, what you just saw was a memory. Then you have some more memories, and then a conflict where Kenshin begins to see things that arn't there. After that, we go into a different ormat, with better cuing. In this format, everything will be done the same way, so you won't get confused as to what's happening(that much).
    On the first layer, you have kenshin. On the second layer, you have the Batousai. Kenshin is doing what he can to hold the Battousai back. He doesn't like Himura, in fact, he despises him because Himura murders people. Kenshin is only a wanderer... Listen to the lyrics during this part, and you'll get the jist.
    When Kenshin's hair band falls off, and his hair poofs out, that is supposed to symbolize how he's now changed personalities, and he is now the Battousai. The layers are switched, everything is the opposite, now. The Battousai is in control, and it sickens him to think of what Kenshin was doing when he was in control.
    "Sometimes, I, just feel like SHITTING ON MYSELF" This si where Kenshin gets stabbed. The Battousai is furious for Kenshin making such a mistake, and is embarrassed to even be a part of Kenshin.
    Now we're back to Kenshin, but only partially. Kenshin is seeing things again, he's only halfway Battousai in his mind. This is where the line blurs. What's good or evil? Who'd the Battousai and who's Kenshin?
    Of course, once you have the transparencies of the different faces of Kenshin, you know Himura is in control again. The last face of Kenshin, the prolonged one that fades out slowly, is supposed to show fear, and inner turmoil.
    The next scenes were funny in the show. However, in this vid, they're not supposed to be funny or humorous at all. They're degrading. Embarrasing. How could Kenshin ever submit to such stupid things? That's why the Himura hates Kenshin...
    When Himura punches his face, Kenshin's back in control again(as it went in that episode) and he says "I don't want to be ignored" in a half-assed lip sync.
    We then have only one layer, here. While Kenshin is being beaten, he thinks over what the Battousai does. It's another day of "You wasting me away".
    Next, we get into simultaneous fight scenes, and a lot of them show Kenshin/Battousai being hurt. This is that blurry line again. Without the illusions.
    "Forget our memories" we're back to the first layer being kenshin, and the second being Himura.
    The second to last thing we see of the Battousai is him being strangled(Well, Seito is trying to break his neck), after that, we have a sped up and choppy version of Himura punching his face again, for Kenshin, after which, we have kenshin on the first layer, and only directional blurs on the second. The Battousai has been snuffed out, Did Kenshin win the fight?
    And then you have the eye opening at the end.. "The end... Or is it?"
    Hope you enjoy this video, please leave an opinion.

    (I had an old version of DivX, and it cut off the ending until I upgraded the player to 2.1x. I'm not sure if you MUST have this update to play it, but you may want to play it safe and update your DivX player.)

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