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  • Member: JadyLaurens
  • Studio: Endless Life Studios
  • Title: Feelings in different frames
  • Premiered: 2010-05-23
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    • Stanfour Life without you
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    Song: Life without you
    Artist: Stanfour
    Animes: Code Geass, Phantom ~ Requiem for the Phantom ~, Princess Lover!, ToraDora, Yu Gi Oh Gx, Yu Gi Oh 5Ds, To Love-Ru
    Editing Programs: Sony Vegas 7, Adobe After Effects CS3
    Studio: Endless Life Studios

    - I wont reply to any questions which are answered above


    This video is dedicated to Vicente, aka malpercio16, who turned 18 on the 15th May of this year. I know this video is rather late already, but I wanted to make an AMV for you, since youre such an awesome friend. I tried to use some of the animes you really like, but it was a little difficult to combine them with the others. I hope you like this small present. I love you soo muchies, youre a great friend : )

    So people, if you want to see some good videos, you definitely should subscribe to this guy here:

    I guess, another video by my which is more sentimental, but I think this genre fits the most to my editing style and I really like it too. Anyhow, I will try to edit to some other styles in the future, since I want to improve but sentimental stuff will always be my favourite one for sure.
    I wish, I could edit to the full song, its seriously an awesome song, but school is giving me some hard times finals are going on and I have to see how I spent my time. Also, Im under time pressure with other video projects who always scream at me FINISH MEH, BETCH!!! and their voices wont leave me aloneXD
    What doesnt mean that I put less effort into this video, I worked really hard on it and corrected it so many times to make sure, that no mistakes show up (vegas likes to fool me a lot). It surely isnt perfect, but I hope you guys will like it anyways. Thanks for all the support youve given me in the past, Im really glad to have so amazing subscribers ^^


    Uhm yea I want to split this into 2 parts, one part is meant for my amazing beta testers and the other for some people who helped me a lot the past time.

    Ill start with the people who helped me a lot,
    Id like to thank especially my friends Rachy [xLaviChii], Alex [EionAmv], V [malpercio16] and Talz [MyBloodyDiary]. These people seriously helped me a lot and Im so thankful for your nice words to me when I needed them : )

    And secondly, Id like to give a big thanks to my beta testers, who gave me some ideas how to improve the video aswell:
    MyBloodyDiary, M0oranshi, EveneshBL, Achiita, mo0on12, xLaviChii, EionAmv (If I forgot someone, please tell me you guys know how forgetful I am xD)

    If you read all of this then Im proud of you ;D

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