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  • Member: LordICE
  • Title: Next Yesterday
  • Premiered: 2010-05-13
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  • Songs:
    • Ayumi Hamasaki LOVE 'n' HATE
    • Jun Maeda Hope
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    The AMV is based on Clannad + After Story and tries to propose a new version of the original story, in which Tomoya relives some more or less pleasant memories, remembering all the mistakes he has committed in the past. At the end, he finally gets the chance to correct what was done (much like in After Story original ending), but at that point he has two completely different ways to fix this. Either he forgets about Nagisa by completely ignoring her, or gets a second chance in which he might or might not make the same mistakes.

    On the technical side, this amv is not charged that much with visual effects. There are some places where the effects were somewhat more complicated to do, and segments where I decided to rebuild some part of the picture (such as between 2:16-2:18, where I had to rebuild the pillar so I can change the right part of the screen, 2:31-2:34, when the door opens back in time and a short effect of light comes through the opening, the cherry blossom petal transition at 2:48-2:50, etc.), but mainly I used direct transitions, fades or modified fades. Also, had to make some color correction and even change the ambient light in some scenes.

    The sound is somehow special, because I never tried using piano instrumental as audio in my AMV's. Also, that track seemed to go pretty well with the video. You may wonder why the mix between Ayumi Hamasaki and Jun Maeda... that's mainly because I started the project with something else in mind, but ended up with another idea. In the end I liked the difference between them and thought about the possibility of mixim them somehow.

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