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  • Members (10): Hagaren Viper, AaronAMV, AllyKatAVR, CodeZTM, Inan, Kazemon15, LeapofFate, Momoko17, Osakaisthebomb, pyrolord
  • Studio: Road-Of-Few-Productions
  • Title: Worship At Full Volume
  • Premiered: 2010-05-12
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Blindside Sleepwalking
    • Chasing Victory Rapture Raptors
    • Cry Of The Afflicted A Scar Filled Sky
    • Demon Hunter I Am You
    • Disciple Love Hate (On And On)
    • Family Force 5 Love You To Death
    • Haste the Day stitches
    • Inhale/Exhale A Call To The Faithful
    • Norma Jean Blueprints For Future Homes
    • Oh, Sleeper Charlatan's Host
    • Seventh Day Slumber Awake
    • Spoken History Erased
    • Still Remains The River Song
    • The Showdown Death Finds Us Breathing
    • Thrice Deadbolt
  • Anime:
  • Comments:

    After a little over two years, the Worship At Full Volume MEP is ready to be released.

    Osakaisthebomb originally started this MEP in March of 2008. The idea of this MEP was to use all Christian metal and rock in the mix, with an overall theme of brokenness. Following the theme of the MEP, his computer broke around three times during the process of the project, and it got to the point where he had to drop the project.

    So I jumped in to lead the project, but with school, my own projects know, life, I somewhat put this on the backburner for a good while. But as I recently got some free time, all the tracks got finished. the credits and intro were sent to me, and the whole thing actually came together pretty easily.

    While there may have been a lot of drama about dropping tracks, the content in tracks and pretty much anything else that comes to mind, I know that I really enjoyed editing my tracks, even combining an anime with music that one might not expect, and editing music I might not normally edit to. I befriended some people, I got a taste of leading and compiling a MEP, it was a fun experience. Long, but fun. And I'm glad to have been apart of this project.

    Most of these tracks are at *least* a year old, so while I am proud of this project, I do believe we have all come a long way since these tracks as well. Either way, I do hope you enjoy this MEP.

    "My only comments are to why I started the project. It was to give awareness that Christian Hard Rock and Metal are just as good as any other group in the same genre. The starting theme of this first WAFV was "brokenness" though I feel with all the changes in leaders and editors, that theme isn't as present as I wanted it to be. I also find it funny, due to how long this project has been going, that out of the 15 bands in this project, 2 have quit and 2 have been in hiding so long they might as well be called "dead". Not to mention the editor name changes."

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