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  • Member: Jwalk0
  • Studio: Deez Nutz Productions
  • Title: #29. A One In A Million Romance
  • Premiered: 2010-05-05
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    • Aaliyah One In A Million
    • Adult Swim Intro Theme
    • Moonlight Densetsu Star Locket Tune
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  • Comments: This is goin out to 2 princesses, the princess of r&b and of the moon. This is one of the first animes I got into growing up, in the mornings and especially Saturdays Sailor Moon wuz one of the cartoons me and my brothers and sisters would check out and record along with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Mario Bros, MegaMan, Earthworm Jim, Transformers, Reboot, Inspector Gadget, Samurai Pizza Cats, Street Sharks, Biker Mice From Mars and others on morning channels. Shows from Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Fox Kids, Kids WB, and Disney were the truths too back in the day but I'm gettin off track. When they moved Sailor Moon onto Toonami along with DBZ, Tenchi, Outlaw Star, Gundam, and the other animes 5 days a week it wuz a fuckin wrap. God I miss the good ol' days. Read the mangas later on and the anime spanned 5 series and 3 movies so when opportunites came I made sure to catch them on dvd, the last series I had to get online since it wuz never dubbed. Before I started editing this I rewatched all 200 eps and the movies to get ammo for this amv. I don't care to mention to folks that imma Sailor Moon fan, I mean what guy who watched the show didnt have a crush on at least one of the sailor scouts LOL? Including their elemental powers there were traits I liked from all of them and it wuz interesting to find out they were all princesses from planets in the solar system but Serena I liked the most and the main reason is this, she is funny as hell. That quality and others like her low academic and house skills, klutziness, friendly persona and growth as a powerful leader made her more natural and human to me. If I could go back to when I started my anime tribute vids last year I would make her my #1 favorite female in anime instead of #2 but all well, they're both pretty high numbers. Darien's the cool and collected type but he does have his moments when he steps outta the box with his humor, and homeboi knows how to wear a suit and robe. And aside from Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho he's only cat I know who uses roses as potential weapons to kick some asses and he always has Sailor Moon's back when she needs help. The disputes he and Serena had before they hooked up were hilarious and they only made their bond stronger in the end when their memories from the past century came back. SerenaxDarien wuz the first anime couple I wuz exposed to and brought the world of anime even closer to me in that category. Aside from Fei and Elly from the fantastic video game Xenogears, this is the only other couple I know that has been killed and reborn across different eras of history to prove how important and beneficial their love is to each other and all life in the universe. Twice. This and other qualities like nostalgia makes SerenaxDarien my #1 favorite couple in anime to this day after all the other animes I've watched in my life.

    From the time I decided to edit amvs I knew that I would make an r&b Sailor Moon vid from a female artist, the question wuz which artist would that be. To my knowledge there were songs I wanted to use from Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys, Faith Evans, Beyonce, Mya, Brandy, Kelly Price, Lalah Hathaway, Monica, Mariah Carey, and Keyshia Cole. But late in '08 I settled on using a song from the late and great princess of r&b, Aaliyah. There were numerous songs I wanted to use from her and to fit for my concept involving the couple of this anime I decided to use my favorite song from her, One In A Million. I speak for all those who lived and experienced the joys of r&b music during the 90s when I say you can't NOT have Aaliyah as one of the artists who represented. Beautiful, intelligent, good-natured, strong-willed, talented, the girl had it all. Unexpectedly and quite tragically she died at the young age of 22 in a plane accident almost a decade ago leaving an enormous hole to all those who cared and knew her, her fans, and the music industry. Through even death though and to this day she continues to inspire people who listens to her music and she remains a faithful musical artist. One of the reasons I chose Aaliyah for this amv is to show that life before and after death can leave permenant marks on lives. Life, death, and life after death as well as love are a few of the themes of this anime and I tried to show those links between Aaliyah and Sailor Moon in this amv.

    Written in the annals of history before the beginning of time is that in the Silver Millennium or 10th century two people would meet and fall in love with each other for the good of the universe, once their marriage became official they would acheive eternal universal peace making it both their important destinies. Those two were princess of the moon, Serenity, and prince of the earth, Endymion. Through fate Serenity visited the earth one day to see it's nature and met Endymion, instant attraction from that point and after spending time together they decided to get married. Of course you're gonna have haters hate on a good thing and unfortunately instead of one person not wanting this couple be together, it's billions from an entire separate universe called the Negaverse being led by an evil bitch named Queen Beryl, Queen Materia in the japanese versions. Serenity's best friends stepped in to defend her, her fiance, and the Moon Kingdom during the war but Beryl's powers were too great for all of them. After she killed them Serenity's mother used the silver crystal before she died to lock up Beryl and her people and sent some of the moon inhabitants who died to the earth to be reborn and start new lives there. In the 20th century Serenity and Endymion are reborn and meet again as kids as Serena and Darien, Usagi and Mamoru in the japanese versions. More specifically the entire series takes place in the 90s, coinicidence since Aaliyah began her career in the 90s and the song I chose came out in '96. From there is where the main core of the story begins. Aside from the moments they spend together and with their loved ones, there are also enemies from the past, present, and future they fight against that continues to try to tear Serena and Darien apart from each other and rule the universe. There were situations even between these two that caused some trouble but through faith and belief in each other they overcame them. The concept behind One In A Million plays a factor in this amv by showing how Darien is the #1 guy in Serena's life outta of the others, their passionate and intimate moments, how they both give each other the strength to defeat their enemies, and how strong the bond between these two are through horrible and catastrophic situations so both can live together in peace with their loved ones and create a family of their own.

    Through almost 2 months I spent 83 hours creating this, aside from this amv I've made only 1 romance amv from a female artist and since I only like girls I had to make this amv from the mindset of one liking a guy..........O_O I managed while trying to keep my sanity as a heterosexual male LOL!! How I wanted to edit some parts I decided I should keep in check with making sure I don't bore those who aren't interested in the usual love-drama, it doesn't bother me in the least but I wanted to make sure I could get even a non-Sailor Moon fan interested. So I made sure to keep some parts fast-paced with lyrical and beat syncs and at the same time atmosphere while keeping other parts slower-paced with lyrical, beat syncs and atmosphere. Effects wise didnt want to go overboard but still wanted to add that magical element into this to keep in the spirit of the anime. The anime isn't entirely romantic, dramatized, comedic or action, it's a combination of them so I made sure to add those genres into this amv. Knowing that my girl's a bigger Sailor Moon fan than I am I showed her a rough draft of this and the look on her face wuz priceless. When she saw the final version this past Sunday it brought tears to her eyes, she's a big fan of Aaliyah too so I'm glad she enjoyed it. I hope other fans of Sailor Moon and Aaliyah enjoys this amv too to the fullest and want to give one last big shout out to one of my favorite female music artists, I dedicate this amv to you in your memory and thank you for everything.

    Love it babe. Love it babe.

    Baby you don't know,what you do to me.
    Between me and you, I feel a chemistry.
    Won't let no one come and take your place.
    Cause the love you give can't be replaced.
    See no one else love me like you do.
    That's why I don't mind to spend my life with you.
    Wanna please you in anyway I can.
    Wanna share my world don't you understand.

    Your love is a one in a million it goes on and on and on
    you give me a really good feelin all day long.
    Your love is a one in a million it goes on and on and on
    you give me a really good feelin all day long.

    Turn me inside out make my heart speak.
    Don't want no one else you are all I need.
    Personality(ty) in everything you do(do)
    Makes me love everything bout you.
    Your smile your style so fly I can't deny
    I got a crush on you and that's true indeed.
    I'm digging you your making me believe.

    Your love is a one in a million it goes on and on and on
    you give me a really good feelin all day long.
    Your love is a one in a million it goes on and on and on
    you give me a really good feelin all day long.

    I'll give you anything you want from me anything you want anything you need
    anything your soul desires
    I'll give you anything you want from me anything you want anything you need
    anything your soul desires

    Your love is a one in a million it goes on and on and on
    You give me a really good feelin all day long.[fades]
    Love it babe.[echo] love it babe. love it babe [repeat]

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