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  • Member: Thepooh
  • Studio: Soul's Team
  • Title: Curse Of My Oblivion
  • Premiered: 2010-04-28
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  • Songs:
    • Soap & Skin Thanatos
    • Soap & Skin Turbine Womb
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  • Comments: Curse of my Oblivion

    9th Best video overall
    1st Best Horror
    1st Best Psychedelic.

    Like my previous work, it’s a dark amv. COMO is an “odd” amv. You don’t have a story but 5 stories adapted from classical Japanese literature :
    No Longer Human (Osamu Dazai 1948),
    In the Forest, Under Cherries in Full Bloom (Ango Sakaguchi 1947),
    Run Melos (Osamu Dazai 1940),
    Kumo no ito (Ryunosuke Akūtagawa 1918),
    Jigoku Hen (Ryunosuke Akūtagawa 1918)

    Authors :

    Of course in 2,30 I can’t (even in 2hours) retell these stories which are bestselling in Japan. But I use them for my main plot/concept : The downfall of a man. I only hope you’ll understand basises (who kill who for what…xD). You can check these stories by watching Aoi Bungaku or Wikipedia.

    Music is from Soap&skin (it’s her in outro) an austrian artist. Thanatos is a lively song (although it evokes clearly the death). I really love her universe…Check her myspace :) you’ll get surprised (outro song is from her too : Turbine Womb).

    Stories :

    In the Forest, Under Cherries in Full Bloom (Wikipedia doesn't have page so...)

    The tale of a beautiful city woman and a bandit that has fallen in love with her. After kidnapping the object of his affection and bringing her to his mountain lair, the bandit asks her to let him live with her in the city . . .
    But with a high cost.,_Melos!

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