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  • Member: Narshial
  • Title: Our Love
  • Premiered: 2010-04-14
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    • Ludo The Horror of Our Love
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  • Comments: Okay, so I've been wanting to make a proper horror game tribute ever since I did Rule of Anglel, but I just couldn't find the right song. I was searching around on the internet, and came across this little number. It works for what I wanted to show because most of my favourite horror games revolve around somebody who is being persued by a villian in a sexual or lustful way. At first I wan't sure if I would be able to match all of the very specific lyrics, but I knew I could make it work when my friend suggested I show Diana for the line: "I will eat you slowly".

    Anyways, the concept here is simple editing, I didn't want any big effects, just the acoustic melody and the creepy visuals. The title is from the villian's perpective, as is the song. I didn't want to call it something like "one-sided love" because I didn't want to undermine the villians. It's supposed to be a sort of serious madness, like this person really believes that they have true love with the person they're after. That's why for the line "we dance in dark suspension" I used Debilitas and Fiona (Haunting Ground) because to him they really are dancing, but to Fiona, she is running for her life. It's a neat juxtaposition. Same with "Love I'd never hurt you" when you see Mio strangling Mayu. Mio would never actually want to hurt her sister, and yet she has become a murderer. It all works!

    I used Premiere CS4 for this.

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