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  • Member: CodeZTM
  • Studio: Invictus Studio
  • Title: Fragmented Faith
  • Premiered: 2010-04-13
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    • Mandy Moore only hope
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  • Comments: Just something that I decided to do impromptu. It's been a while since I did anything with Loveless, and I wanted to explore Ristuka's character. I mean... A mother that hates you for not being who you used to be? An older man that gives you your life back AND is forced to love you on the orders of your older brother? I'd go insane if I were in his shoes! So I wanted to re-write the story a little and give Ritsuka a better life there at the end. Him and Soubi living together, as guardian and guarded, and away from that crazy-ass mother. xD

    Thanks to Amo-Chan who kind of helped me keep away from possibly making this video VERY controversial when it didn't need to be in order for me to get my message across.

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