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  • Title: A Walk To Remember
  • Premiered: 2010-04-02
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    • A Walk To Remember - Movie Trailer Trailer Audio
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    Convention Participation/Awards:
    - Anime Boston 2010 - Best "Other" Winner
    - Best Trailer/Theme at Anime Central 2010
    - Fanime 2010 1st Place Best Experimental Judge's Winner
    - A-Kon 21 2010 Best Non-AMV Winner in The Master's Division
    - Anime Mid Atlantic 2nd Place/Runner Up Romance AMV
    - Viewers Choice Award (VCAs) 2011 Trailer of the Year/Best Trailer
    - Judges Choice Award (JCAs) 2011 Trailer of the Year/Best Trailer

    Other Nominations:
    - Viewers Choice Award (VCAs) 2011 Sentimental Finalist
    - Viewers Choice Award (VCAs) 2011 Best Use of Lipsync Finalist
    - Viewers Choice Award (VCAs) 2011 Best Parody Semi-Finalist
    - Viewers Choice Award (VCAs) 2011 Best Romantic Semi-Finalist

    Quick Info
    (For those that don't like to read lengthy descriptions)

    Date Completed: March 4, 2010
    Time Spent Editing Final Draft: Off and on editing for 6 months.
    Time Spent Pre-processing: Waayyy too long for pre-processing. xD
    Programs Used for Editing: Sony Vegas 6.0, Photoshop 6.0
    Other Programs: Exact Audio Copy, DGIndex, AviSynth, VirtualDubMod, Zarx264GUI, BeSweet GUI

    The Concept and Back Story
    (Below may contain some spoilers for my video and for the series.)

    The Inspiration

    Back in the summer of 2009 I was watching a Walk To Remember on TV. Before that night, I hadn't seen it since it was first released back in 2002. As the movie went on, I started giggling at some of the similarities between the two main characters in the movie and in the Clannad: Jamie in Drama/Theater club, Landon as a delinquent who had father issues... Jamie with a protective dad... Jamie's illness... How Landon's life started changing for the better once Jamie came into it... Towards the end of the movie I was really hit with inspiration and I promised myself I would eventually make a Clannad AMV to the trailer of A Walk To Remember! :)

    About the Editing/Preparation

    The next week I ran out and grabbed the DVD for A Walk To Remember. I studied the trailer and re-watched Clannad and Clannad After Story and took notes on parts that I could use for the video. This was going to be my first attempt at an anime trailer parody. I had a lot to learn and I had to make sure to write down every usable part in Clannad: despite the blatant similarities in both story lines I knew a few parts would be tough to pull off.

    After re-watching the series, I started ripping, preparing and converting everything I needed. Some of the footage was giving me problems and after a bit too much stress than I wanted, of course I procrastinated. 2010 came really quick and I knew I had to pick it up again before the Anime Boston Deadline in March. Things went a little easier this time and I was able to finish a nice Avisynth script. Now, it was time to make lossless video clips. I realized had to clean out my computer to be able to store all the clips. I burned about 100GB of previous AMV projects onto disks. That and making the clips took about a week in between things I had to do... The whopping total: around 280 clips and 75GB worth of space for this project, not counting the size of 16 DVDs.

    So the editing began. I did some of my favorite parts first. I tend to edit from end to back or switch around and this project definitely was no exception. When I came to the beginning of the project I was totally dumbfounded. In Clannad, there aren't many driving scenes. I had a few written down but they either weren't good enough, weren't serious enough or didn't have Tomoya in them. The part in the anime with the motorcycles was the best option but how could I add in Tomoya in them when he wasn't involved? How could I edit out Tomoyo? I ended up leaving that alone for a while and went on with other parts of the project. There also weren't many usable parts when Tomoya talked to a teacher and only two usable laughing scenes involving Kyou and Ryou, but they weren't in the scenes I wanted them to be.

    I realized that this project was going to be more Photoshop oriented then I would have ever imagined: Edit this character out, edit this character in, edit something out of the background, the color doesn't match, switch this scene with that... Oi! The first thirty five seconds of the video ended up being mostly Photoshopping. Before this I hadn't used Photoshop for anything extremely substantial but I think for this project I spent more time in Photoshop than in Vegas. I never thought I'd be able to edit someone out of a scene that was moving. Some of the hardest scenes to Photoshop were frame by frame editing out Tomoyo in two scenes: the one when the teacher with the glasses is talking where she's sitting next to Tomoya and in the bike scene. Also, editing out the background of the WB Logo to make it Clannad related took me about five hours. Finding and getting a high enough quality WB logo was a challenge to begin with. All the ones I had on DVD were low quality with ghosting or not the one I wanted, especially on the Walk To Remember DVD because it was poorly encoded. After hours fussing with the one from the DVD I realized it just wasn't going to work. I asked Aaron and he ripped a Blu-ray quality logo from one of his BRD's and sent it to me through MSN. MUCH better and easier to edit. This was going to be a minor thing along with a lot of other minor things in the project, but overall I knew all the effort was going to make a difference in the end.

    Some of the other big challenges were finding the fonts to match the trailer as close as I could. The lipsync was just ... insanity. The characters, especially Landon talked EXTREMELY fast. I probably rendered certain scenes at least twenty times and played them back in slow motion to check how the mouths matched the words.

    The logos, credits and other little spoofs in this AMV were very fun to make! I kept a few things accurate from the A Walk To Remember trailer but there are a lot of differences too. For example, I decided I didn't like the format of their ending screen so I changed that to my liking. The very last thing I edited was the ending credits and I changed it up the last day before I sent it to Anime Boston.

    So, all in all I had a very stressful time from start to finish but it was still very fun to do! :) I ended up surpassing my own expectations with this project. I think this project made me really grow as an editor. I learned a lot from it. I know this trailer will always mean a lot to me. My goal and dream was to see myself win an AMV award at Anime Boston ever since I attended my first AMV Contest there in 2006 even though I didn't know a thing about back them. I accomplished that with this trailer and I'm really glad I didn't give up on this project, because during the stressful days I really wanted to!

    Top Five Tough Parts

    0:15-0:16: Editing out Tomoyo, editing in Tomoya and Kyou and editing a background to edit them on.
    0:17-0:22: Editing out Tomoyo believably (lots of sunlight on the walls) and crazy fast talking.
    0:31 - 0:32: Finding Kyou or Ryou laughing (there were only two usable scenes in the whole show) and then editing it to look like they were laughing at poor Nagisa.
    1:15-1:16: Lipsync - it doesn't seem like it would be difficult but that was one of the hardest parts for me to match the mouth to.
    1:47-1:49: Finding a scene where Nagisa looked genuinely upset instead of embarrassed and editing her in.

    Thank Yous!

    Thank you to:

    >Visual Art's/Key - For creating incredibly beautiful shows that show you how beautiful life can be.

    >Eric V. - Listening to my rants about how this and that wasn't working, giving me encouragement, and for looking at my betas!

    >Aaron D. - I really couldn't have done this without your help! You encouraged me, helped me find the fonts I needed, sent me the WB logo, and you gave me honest opinions about everything and more.

    >Those who voted for my this at Anime Boston 2010. You helped me make my dream come true!

    > Anyone who reached this far in the description. =O I always seem to end up writing my life's story for these things, haha. Ranting about struggles with AMVs is essential for me I guess. xD I appreciate that you care enough or are interested enough to read about my struggles and triumphs with this video! Cookies for you!

    > And of course anyone who takes the time to watch my video/rate/leave me an opinion/etc.!

    My YouTube Channel:

    Conversion Info

    Local Download - High Quality - Use VLC to view or Google x264 codec. :)
    Container: MP4
    Codec: x264 (Version 1373)
    Audio: AAC, 48000Hz, 218kbps, Stereo
    Encoder Settings: Constant Quality, Placebo, Quantizer 14, Tune Animation.
    Size: 31.36MB

    Indirect Download - Low Quality
    Container: AVI
    Codec: XviD (Version 1.2.2)
    Audio: Lame MP3, 48000Hz 192kbps, Joint Stereo
    Video Settings: 1st pass, B-VOPs disabled, Trellis Quantization
    Size: 39.1MB

    If people want an up-scaled 720p version for their HD TV I can upload that here too. :)

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