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  • Member: )v(ajin Koji
  • Title: Long Haired Heroes
  • Premiered: 2003-05-16
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    • Ben Folds Five Battle Of Who Could Care Less
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  • Comments: I just wanted to make a Dragon Ball Z music vid that wasn't ALL fighting and ended up with one with out any at all!!

    It's more or less all about Vegeta, Trunks, Son Gohan & Gokuu training in the room of spirit and time, but it's not all training!

    I really wanted to compare how the two sets of "Father & Son" react to each other and show how very different but still quite similar.

    The only intended lip-syncing is near the end and the obvious "NE-VER" that Trunks shouts other than that there is no more LS!

    This is my 1st AMV to be uploaded but not my first that i made (this is about the 12th AMV i've made!), reason being is that I think this one is better that most of my others and most of my other are Linkin Park dbz AMV's (soooooo original i know) but this one is a completely different tone and it's intended for you to watch it and say "Cool".

    Finally, I got the name "Long Haired Heroes" from the fact that I realised that everyone in the AMV had long hair!!=P especially Trunks and Gohan.

    this video was corrupted in the upload and only has a portion of the original video, for a newer version search for "Long Haired Heroes V2: Just A Bit Off The Sides".

    that's all guys.

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