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  • Member: Trisa
  • Title: Hitsuzen
  • Premiered: 2010-04-10
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    • Bat For Lashes Sleep Alone
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    Well it's absolutly NOT understandable... But here's a little help, that may help... A little story:
    (It's easier to understand, if you've seen the animes, have read the mangas....)

    Sakura is going to Yuuko's place, 'cause she is lonely. In Yuuko's shop she can meet with the witch if she opens Clow's book. Yuuko knows what's Sakura's wish, so the price is that the little Sakura has to fall asleep. For a long long time. (The sakura flower is Sakura's symbol, that's why there's so much x3)
    That's how it happens, but during the dream a "dark stranger" appears (Shaoran with the black clothes). Then while Yuuko is holding the petal, a common story is beeing told in short. Sakura and Shaoran were together in a different dimension, but a power separated them, and they forgot each other. That's why both of them feel lonely. After that we see that the dark Shaoran is going into the dream.

    After the refren we come to know why's there two Shaorans. "They say for every heart high there must be a low." The 'white' Shaoran is the good (high) part of his heart, and the 'black' one is the bad (low) one. After thaaat, the white Shaoran asks Yuuko to send him to the dream, where the bad part is to recon.
    Sakura wakes up, but she is in her own dream too, where she see the Shaoran's fight and stop them...

    It's an unfinished story, because there should be another Sakura, but the OVA isn't out yet, so... don't spoiler that much... I've spoilered enough...

    Note: Here Sakura and Shaoran from the Card Captor Sakura is the same as the Sakura and Shaoran from Tsubasa.
    And Yuuko is NOT a mother of anyone... she is the witch who keeps under control everything...

    Ohh and also Hitsuzen means Inevitable. That's what Yuuko always say.

    "There is no such thing as a coincidence in this world, there is only the inevitable."

    Also help: Lyrics:

    You know my darling I can't stand to sleep alone
    No sweetheart in the dark to call my own
    You're my own, you're my own, I can sing it, I can grow
    But the darkness is a stranger in our lonely, lonely, lonely lone (?)

    Last night's parties and last night's heart has shown
    Smiling and welling and kissing all I know
    Give my soul, give my soul, sing it free across the sea
    Lonely spell to conjure you, but conjure hell is all I do

    Ref.: Lonely, lonely, lonely, his mother told me
    The dream of love is a two-hearted dream
    Lonely, lonely, lonely, his mother told me
    The dream of love is a two-hearted dream

    They say for every heart high there must be a low, low, low, low, low
    And every sun ascending a lonesome moon will grow, grow, grow, grow
    Drive my heart, drive my heart, into the fire of a burning heart's desire
    The only spells you'll be seeing, do you hear me coming in my blue dream

    Ref.: Lonely, lonely, lonely...

    I tried to follow the lyrics... but it's a lovesong, and I wanted to make something that gives back the counjre feeling which is around the xxxholic stories.

    All those who helped me:

    Yaaku suggested this song :3

    Luggeriano helped me with my snitting problems... (and also the registration problems xD)

    Velho helped with that shitty avisynth...

    Kaxi was the betatester and he also helped with the aspect ratio problems in VDubMod....

    Sooo many technical problems... I haven't got any problem yet, but they came all together in this project... So thanks to you all :D

    Programs used:

    Sony Vegas 7.0
    Photoshop CS

    Hope you will understand it some day. xD Enjoy!

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