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  • Member: maricela
  • Title: Shin X Reina - Rent
  • Premiered: 2010-04-07
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    • Pet Shop Boys Rent
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  • Comments: Hi There
    Here's my 3rd AMV of NANA I made and my 1st AMV focusing on Shin X Reina love relationship.I have to admit that this AMV is a bit challenging for me since Shin X Reina are limited in clips but I still want to make one and my friend GodaiMH found the right song for those two in his point of view. This AMV is requested by my friend GodaiMH and his family and the idea for this AMV is how the words match Shin's personality in the way he spend time with Reina by paying him for a night. I really enjoyed making this AMV and I hope you, Skye and your family love this AMV ( yes Shin is one of my favorite characters in NANA).

    I hope you enjoy.

    From this AMV creator
    Angelica ( Sweetangie1227)

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