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  • Member: JK4yy
  • Studio: JK4yy Productions
  • Title: Us Two
  • Premiered: 2010-04-02
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    • Elliot Yamin Don't Be Afraid
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    This AMV focuses on the start of a romantic relationship between Hayate and Hinagiku. Please keep in mind that the story of this AMV is not related to the anime series in any way, as it can be very misleading. So the video contains no spoilers for the actual plot of the anime.

    I was listening to this song at Anime Boston 2009 when I came up with the idea of using this song with the Hayate no Gotoku series. Images of Hayate and Hinagiku just started popping up in my head while I was listening to the song, so I thought i'd make this video for their next AMV Contest.

    This is actually my first AMV, which was a bit difficult to work with since I was trying to figure out how to use Adobe Premiere CS4 and After Effects while I was making this. At this point i'm still not sure how After Effects work, but at least I got a scene out of using it. (Even though it took more than a few good hours of playing with it)

    There were a few things on this AMV that I wanted to change after I made my Master Copy, but by the time I realized this, I had already dropped my 500gb Western Digital Passport and lost everything, including the 2nd AMV project I was working on. I think i've pretty much lost my motivation to start over on that project again, so i'll just mention the song and anime if anyone is interested in making it:

    Anime: Special A | Song: Demi Lovato - Here We Go Again

    The overall time I spent on this AMV was about a month. Most of it was just searching for video clips, outlining the actual AMV, figuring out how some of the programs worked, and taking lots of breaks in between working on the AMV itself.

    AMV Contest
    [ Anime Boston 2010 ] Romance: Finalist

    Please leave your thoughts/feedback on the Forum Announcement Thread.

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