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  • Member: -laharl-
  • Studio: Arcadia Team
  • Title: Fear
  • Premiered: 2010-04-05
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Brand new Jesus christ
    • One Republic Made of you
  • Anime:
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  • Comments: ON the first time, I makes a point of informing you to tell the truth that you do not wait a amv exceptional and better than my Aquarium, I reserve my larger project for Japan Expo.
    Here are 7 months that I did not leave amv, due to certain person who had disgusted me amvs.
    Then I wanted change my way of clipper, full with preview which I do not have pus to finish by lack of time or of inspiration.
    To the day or I listened to it new album of One republic and Hisoka has say to me on Skype that it would be well with clippez and I thus have test and I was not disappointed of my preview.
    the amv will have to last more 4Min. but once again by lack of time and of scene I have cut the music.
    Finally I took time the inspiration of my scene speech, I am fairly bearing of my job because I am more the kind of clippor to be put full with effect on his scene and work.
    Finally I hold has thank the people who are close for me to have fact continue the amvs [I] (“Elya - Shadox - Ayuky - Hisoka - Shinomi - Fayala - Kaemix - Yuuki - Nek0 etc (many people has quote ^^””)). [/i]
    For the amv, I took Bakemonogatari for his environment dark and sensual which went best with the music.
    [I] Amv realize with the framework of Big Contest 2010 [/i]

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