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  • Member: JadeCharm
  • Title: 2x Tsundere Für Malte
  • Premiered: 2010-02-14
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  • Song:
    • Lindsay Lohan I Want You To Want Me
  • Anime:
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    The most awsm Valentines AMV evur
    with the most amazing poster evur

    from me to the person whose name is in the title
    with LOVE

    you're lucky that this person allowed me to upload this

    note: maybe this isn't the kind of AMV you expect when you watch an AMV one person made to confess to another person (which doesn't mean that i did confess - no misunderstandings here!!!)
    and I'm not the kind of person who edits a super kitschy love video to a super kitschy love song i don't like
    ...nevertheless it's about love :-*
    but please don't take this amv too serious....especially the credits....*g*

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