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  • Member: Parsliza
  • Studio: Parsliza Productions
  • Title: I don't want to be alone
  • Premiered: 2010-03-22
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    • Marianas Trench Cross my heart
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  • Comments: Misaki and Usagi tribute =)

    This can be considered close to home =)
    Because of this, I hope you can see the message in it!

    Here comes the deep bit, lol XD!

    I was told by someone that if I like someone, I don't chase after them. Even if they do like me, I end up shying away from them until it's too late. Which, I think is very true, and I'm doing my best to turn that side of me around so I don't end up being alone all my life.

    Hope you see the message, and that you enjoy!!

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