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  • Studio: Phoenix Team
  • Title: Spike - Codename 42
  • Premiered: 2010-03-20
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  • Songs:
    • Goeff Zanelli My Name Is 47
    • Jesper Kyd Hitman Blood Money (Main Title)
    • Jesper Kyd Hitman Contracts (Main Theme)
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  • Comments: Hi everybody, I am very happy to present my new vid for the Big Contest. I hope to have done a good works. In this AMV, I have represented the story of the game "Hitman". I explain: Spike is a hitman very popular for his work. It's the better. His codename ? 42. But, he is not the only. Vicious, an other assasin in this world, created with the ADN of Spike, reign in the shadow. During this video, Spike (alias 42) realises many missions between two battle with gang or Vicious (alias 43). I have taken a part of this story in Hitman.

    The technical? only rotoscopies, transitions and chroma. The atmosphere is dark for represent the world of the assasins, of the murderers. It's not very easy because the quality of the anime is very ... bad ... I think to reencode my clip after the Big Contest.

    Thanks for watching and bye.

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