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  • Member: Vialana
  • Title: Epiphanies
  • Premiered: 2010-03-19
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    • Bear McCreary Ephiphanies (BSG Season 2 Soundtrack)
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  • Comments: This is the AMV I have been wanting to make for years.

    Card Captor Sakura was one of the first anime series I ever watched and Touya has been one of my favourite characters for years. The Touya/Yukito pairing is as close to my ultimate OTP as any will ever get. And the story/theme of this AMV is one that I have wanted to tell since I first started telling stories.

    The framing of this AMV is important. Those familiar with the episode most of the clips are taken from will recognise the deeply layered meanings behind the framing of the movie/confrontation scenes around Touya's feelings and concern. And it is Touya who is central to this AMV. As much as the main story behind the AMV is Yuki's, Touya acts as protagonist and adds the emotional depth to the scenes.

    A lot of thought has been put into the structure of this AMV. The song, an instrumental, is very powerful and emotive (anything composed by the amazing Bear McCreary is much more than a song). The title itself plays into the main theme (hence using it as the title): Ephiphanies. Revelations. Secrets. Confrontations. And why they are important to the development of this particular relationship.

    This is the first AMV I have created with Sony Vegas 9. Any criticism, especially regarding the more technical aspects of the AMV will be most appreciated. Comments and criticism of any kind are welcomed, in fact.

    I hope you enjoy my latest offering.

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