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  • Members: JadyLaurens, AyumiNeko
  • Studio: Endless Life Studios
  • Title: [ELS] Everyday
  • Premiered: 2010-03-08
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  • Song:
    • Jessie Daniels Everyday
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  • Comments: This is a pretty short collaboration between Anzu10694 (AyumiNeko) and me. We wanted to do something for the birthday of a good friend of ours, who we already know for so long. We love you Diana (IchigoNyaNeko).

    Original comment:
    We made this rushed "thingy".XD It´s far from being epic,but we still kinda like the outcome.Also it´s pretty redish (since Diana likes red).We had to cut the song because we were super-uber busy and had no time to make something longer.
    Anyway,we hope you´ll enjoy this lil collab and like it,especially you Diana! 8D

    Anzu10694/AyumiNeko (Vickie) - Princess Lover and Vampire Knight (Kanayuu smex)
    JadyYuki (Ina) - Shugo Chara and Vampire Knight (Zeki smex)

    Part 1 - Vickie (0:00-0:11)
    Part 2 - Ina (0:11-0:23)
    Part 3 - Vickie (0:23-0:33)
    Part 4 - Ina (0:33-0:44)
    Part 5 - Vickie (0:44-0:56)
    Part 6 - Ina (0:56-1:07)
    Part 7 - Vickie&Ina (1:07-end)

    Song: Everyday by Jessie Daniels
    Program: Sony Vegas

    A few words to our birthday friend

    I hope you´ll get tons of pretty presents and huge cake.I hope your next year of life will be pwnsome and full of luck,love,health and friends and and and inspiratioon. *_* Also,sorry for making such a short collab,but you know...D8 Fail is our second name.XD ILU

    Ina: WAAH, HAPPY BDAY MY HUNNIE :D I hope you have a great one and hopefully you will do some pwnsome viddies soon with yer new laptop *__* I can't wait for it. I feel kinda sorry that we didn't do something better and bigger for you since we already know each other since so long D: Forgive us our lazy + busyness... worst combo ever xD I wish you the best bday ever... and don't party too much!!!

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