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  • Member: jdcotta
  • Title: All of me
  • Premiered: 2003-05-13
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    • Evanescence My Immortal
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    “All of me” tells the story of Fei’s troubled life and his relationship with Elly. The
    video portrays Fei through himself as a child, himself as a gear pilot, and himself as an
    adult. His love for Elly is true and real… but perhaps only when he is his top most
    personality. What’s that? Yeah, that’s right. This guy is struggling to deal with three
    layers of persona. And you thought you had identity problems ;) His love for Elly keeps
    him from reverting to the lower layer monsters that reside in him. Without her he would
    most likely succumb to the evil inside. I probably shouldn’t say any more about the
    storyline in case you have never played the game (highly recommended btw, one of my
    favorites). As with any AMV/GMV, you really are better off knowing the source material to
    appreciate the video. Still though, I hope you find it enjoyable, or at least mildly

    This is my second AMV/GMV project to date, and all in all, I am fairly happy with my
    improvement since my previous video (Gohan vs. Cell - Wonder What's Next). Looking back
    on that first project, I shudder to think that I actually even released that piece... but
    hey, it was my first video and I was pumped (ahhh heh... ignorance is NOT bliss ;) ).

    I spent a good month working on "All of me" - I wanted to really learn what I was doing
    and not just throw a bunch of cool looking scenes haphazardly together. My main focus on
    this video was to get the music and the scenes to sync well. I listened to My Immortal
    literally hundreds of times (ok… maybe not quite that much, but close) to get a full feel
    for the tempo and beat. I then attempted to match the scene changes and fades to the piano
    during the slower verses and bring everything together during the chorus. oh, and I even
    dabbled in a small bit of lip syncing (my first try, I'll keep working to improve). I guess
    I could go on and on about how much time I spent staring at my screen ready to throw the
    thing, but I’ll save everyone the pain and end it here.

    Thanks to everyone for the support and comments, enjoy the video.


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