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  • Member: breeman
  • Studio: Breeman AMV
  • Title: Celestial Scars
  • Premiered: 2010-03-04
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    • Minimoni Crazy About You (Junkokusan Mix)
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    Yes, its been quite a while since my last AMV. I recently started a full time job, and its hard to motivate myself to sit at the computer and edit after working on a computer all day. But that doesn't mean I haven't been working hard on this one. I got started on this early so that I could get it done in time for Anime Boston AND get it to be the best I could make it. I can definitely say I'm pleased with the results.

    Taking a somewhat different approach to this AMV, after my previous two AMVs which were Anime Boston Contest finalists didn't win anything, I realized the audience only likes action AMVs that use music like Dethklok or Dragonforce, and just have a bunch of different clips from x ammount of shonen anime and are just complete mindfucks of effects, action, and nonsense.

    No, I did not "sell out" and make an AMV quite as mindless as that, as I believe AMVs (even action ones) should contain story and have some sort of direction. What I did was use a shorter song than I usually use. I admit, most of my AMVs contain progressive music that to the average AMV viewer/listener, drags on and may be a little too perplexing for their taste. I still used a song that has some decent instrumental talent in it (not sure who the actual artist of the background music in this song are, as its an Evil Morning mashup) but that has J-Pop (Minimoni) vocals on it. So I'm hoping the audience (not needing to listen to or understand the lyrics) will enjoy the AMV by listening to the music, and following the story of the scenes I used.

    As for the story of this AMV, Gundam 00 is a very complex series with multiple character stories taking place at once, and many different plots. I focused on three main characters stories and how they intertwine. The main character Setsuna F. Seiei is the main focus of the AMV, and I show his relationship to Marina Ismail. Setsuna and Marina are linked by both having been born in Azadistan the country which Marina is currently ruling as Princess/Monarch. Both characters have scars in their past involving the war between Azadistan and The Republic of Krugis. The third character in my AMV is Ali Al-Saachez, a war hungry former Middle Eastern guerrilla who caused Setsuna much pain by religiously brainwashing him as a child and forcing him to kill many people including his parents. Since Setsuna is now free of that life, he is intent on killing Ali in order to bring justice. While Marina is against Ali's actions she is against fighting of any kind, and constantly confronts Setsuna in attempts to make him stop fighting. However Setsuna is resolved to continue fighting for peace, and continues to pilot the 00 Gundam to bring that to fruition.

    This was my second AMV with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 (first time with Windows 7) and my first Preimeire AMV using DVD footage (Thank you!!!) and I'm loving it much more than Ulead Media Studio. I can do so much more, and have more control over the footage than I ever had before. Not to mention the program never crashes, and autosaves very well. Also, exporting the AMV at 720p (for Anime Boston) the quality of the footage came out perfect, and I can't wait to see it on the big screen! (assuming I make it to the finals that is).

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