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  • Member: Hagaren Viper
  • Studio: Hagaren Studios
  • Title: Have You Got It In You?
  • Premiered: 2010-02-26
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    • Imogen Heap Have You Got It In You
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    The story begins with a young Negi, who's father has appeared before him for the first time. Just as quickly as he appears, Negi's father leaves Negi with his staff and the words "I wish you well in life". Negi vows to find his father again someday, and begins training to become a strong magician.

    Several years later, Negi and his best friend, Anya, graduate from Magic Academy, where they part ways; Negi is to become a teacher in Japan, while Anya is to become an apprentice fortune teller. Negi becomes a successful teacher and gains many friends, while Anya's fortune telling is a disaster and she becomes withdrawn and alone. Jealous of Negi's success, Anya decides to steal the Star Crystal, a powerful magic item that would greatly increase her skills. But her heart is weak, and the Star Crystal consumes her. Fueled by her jealousy, the Star Crystal starts moving with one goal: To make Negi suffer as Anya did.

    Hearing that Anya was taken, Negi knows he must do whatever it takes to get her back. But he isn't strong enough to take on the darkness of the Star Crystal on his own. The only chance he has is to find someone to make a Contract with, someone who would become his partner. This partner comes in the form of his student, Asuna. No sooner do the two make the contract are they attacked by a student of Negi's, who is being controlled by the Star Crystal.

    The darkness keeps growing, and Negi and many of his students are pulled into another world, where they are confronted by more of their possessed classmates. Defenseless against so many, Negi and the girls are forced to retreat. Stuck in another world and being chased by the minions of the Star Crystal, Nodoka, Konoka and Setsuna have a choice to make. Do they have what it takes to join Negi and fight back against the Star Crystal?

    Have they got it in them?

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